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  • Fadi Smaidi

Forget College, get into the Trades!

Getting into a trades program is often a better option than going to college. While some may argue that college gives you more in the way of career options, the reality is that joining a trades program after high school can be just as beneficial for your future.

The most obvious advantage of getting into a trades program is that you get to learn from experienced professionals and obtain valuable job-specific skills. No matter what profession you want to join, having practical skills and industry knowledge is essential for success. Trades programs provide hands-on learning experiences, allowing you to gain technical expertise quickly and efficiently. Plus, since these programs are typically shorter than college degrees, you don't need to spend years studying before getting into the workforce.

Another major benefit of getting into a trades program is that it provides finances stability. Because the skills taught in these programs are highly sought after, graduates can usually find work right away and start earning money right away – sometimes even during the training period! This means you can avoid having to take out student loans or facing potential debt down the line. It also means lower tuition costs overall since many trade schools offer courses at more affordable rates than traditional universities.

Overall, getting into a trade's program is an excellent option for those looking to jumpstart their careers without spending time and money on higher education. With shorter training periods and more specialized instruction, students can gain invaluable skills in their chosen field in no time – making them competitive applicants for jobs in their chosen industries. Furthermore, with no student loan debts looming over their heads, graduates of trade schools are free to pursue their dreams without worrying about financial pressures or long-term debt. So if you're looking for an alternative route to success without taking on college debt, then getting into a trade's program may just be exactly what you need!


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