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Connect, find jobs, and access trade-specific training.

  1. Create your free profile for a customized experience based on your location and skillset

  2. Use your Digital Toolbox to build resumes, store tickets and keep track of training 

  3. Connect with peers and businesses to share and show off your work 

  4. Explore job opportunities 

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Find jobs

No more spending hours scrolling through job posts – with the SkillsTrader job board, you can use location and occupation title filters to quickly find the jobs that are most relevant to you.  

Pro Tip: To get even better search results the SkillsTrader algorithm will match your skills and experience with industry-specific employment opportunities. So, make sure you complete your free profile and upload your tickets to your SkillsTrader toolbox!


Get inspired, solve a problem, or simply show appreciation with a like and comment. Connect with other profiles directly with follow and direct messaging features. 

Pro tip: Grow your personal connections by referring 3 friends to download the SkillsTrader app and we'll send you one of these SkillsTrader t-shirts! 


Stay up to date on the latest trades technology and techniques with our database of trades-specific training courses. Plus - once you complete a course, you can add it to your online resume in seconds. 

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