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SkillsTrader® partners with Women Building Futures

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Filling skills gaps and leading positive change by connecting women in trades with professional peers and employment opportunities.

March 23, 2022 - SkillsTrader® and Women Building Futures (WBF) announced today that the two companies have entered a strategic partnership that will help fill skills gaps for employers who have established internal best practices for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and have been assessed and recognized as a WBF Employer of Choice Program member.

The agreement will bring new pools of female graduates to the SkillsTrader® community to connect, find jobs and access trade-specific upskill and reskill training resources. To further support women alumni with career advancement, they are given special access to a customized job board that has been built to facilitate employment opportunities specific to WBF’s EOC Program members.

“As a former multi-shop owner in the automotive space I’ve met many successful women pursuing careers in the trades – each bringing value to the table,” said founder, Fadi Smaidi. “Diversity and inclusion are things the trades industry needs to fully support. We are proud to be able to connect women getting into the trades with industry recognized employers and encourage business owners to apply for Women Building Future’s Employer of Choice Program to be recognized and show your commitment.”

All business owners in the SkillsTrader® network, including those selected as WBF’s EOC members will benefit from this partnership through:

  • Access to ongoing new pools of qualified WBF alumni talent.

  • AI technology that matches job descriptions with best new candidates.

  • Gaining valuable insights into candidates with the SkillsTrader® Score - a number designed to reflect a candidate’s competitiveness and employability based on their technical training, education, certification from industry leaders, safety courses and work experience. 

Educators, thought leaders, influencers and tradespeople all have a role in building the SkillsTrader® community. Together, SkillsTrader® and Women Building Futures aim to be an essential part of growth and change that address skilled labour challenges faced across North America. 

“Our partnership with SkillsTrader is an essential bridge connecting our graduates and Alumni with our Employers of Choice corporate members” says Tara Hoffmeier, Senior Advisor Employer Engagement & Partnership Development.  “Employers of Choice are organizations who have demonstrated their commitment to creating safe, equitable and inclusive workplaces for all tradespeople to thrive in, ones which we are confident will provide our graduates with inclusive and fulfilling careers”.


About SkillsTrader  

SkillsTrader® is a digital platform for professionals in the trades to interact with one another, receive trade-specific mentorship, and leverage various educational and employment opportunities. We help people advance their careers, find employment, and identify quality training that increases competitiveness. We address workforce shortages by highlighting career opportunities, recommending training, and connecting tradespeople to peers and resources.  


About Women Building Futures (WBF)

Women Building Futures is a non-profit organization based in Alberta that supports women’s economic security through employment training programs and support services. To learn more about WBF, visit


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