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SkillsTrader® partners with Nike to get kids moving in first-ever Canadian Flag Football Camp in YYC

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Locally created and all-in-one social platform built exclusively for the skilled trades secures first-ever Nike Flag Football Camp in Canada.

CALGARY, Feb 2, 2022— SkillsTrader®, a new game-changing social app for tradespeople, announced today that in partnership with Nike Canada, they have assembled an all-star coaching staff ready to help young athletes get out, get active, and improve their game.

“The pandemic has had a strong impact on our kid’s participation in sports and we’re prepared to recognize and reward those kids willing to get out and play!” said Fadi Smaidi, CEO and Founder of SkillsTrader®.The Scholarship that his company has created vows to do just this by providing 5 selected players with the opportunity to participate in the event. SkillsTrader® is confident that bringing Nike’s no-contact Flag Football Camp to Canada for the first time ever, will give kids aged 11-14, an exciting opportunity to improve their game and confidence while making sure they aren’t skipping out on any of the fun!

Fadi Smaidi is both an experienced entrepreneur and network builder. He is strongly passionate about sports and the positive impact athletics can provide to youth in terms of gaining valuable life skills. He is proud to be a part of bringing the premier Nike Sports Camps to Canada. As a result, he will hold the role of Camp Director for the Flag Football Camp that runs from May 27th to 29th. Mr. Smaidi’s vision for this camp is to eventually make it available across the country so all youth have the opportunity to create and build lasting relationships and skills.

Parents can go to SkillsTrader®’s Nike Flag Football Camp Sign-Up Page for information and updates.

Dates and Times:

May 27-29, 2022

  • Friday: 6:00 -9:00 pm

  • Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 am -5:00 pm

  • Sunday Check-out: Graduation takes place at 4:00 pm. Parents are invited to attend.

Ages: 11 -14 (co-ed)

Price: $355 + tax

Camp Highlights

  • All Campers Receive Nike Sports Camp T-Shirt

  • Offensive and Defensive Skill Development

  • Grouping by Age and Ability

  • Daily Training to Develop Speed, Strength and Agility

  • Flag Football Games and Competitions


About SkillsTrader

SkillsTrader®is a digital platform for professionals in the trades to interact with one another, receive trade-specific mentorship, and view various educational and employment opportunities. We help people advance their careers, find employment, and identify quality training that increases competitiveness. We address workforce shortages by highlighting career opportunities, recommending training, and connecting tradespeople to peers and resources.


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