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SkillsTrader®, a new game-changing platform saves trades employers thousands of dollars

Locally created, all-in-one social platform built for the trades, by the trades, gains momentum with automotive and construction businesses across Canada and the US with their job board for employers.

CALGARY, Dec 22, 2021—SkillsTrader®, a social app designed specifically for tradespeople, announced today a big financial incentive to support businesses in the trades at a crucial time in our history. Our mission at SkillsTrader is to empower tradespeople and businesses, helping them showcase their skills to the world, creating atmosphere for job opportunities. Although it’s free for any business or individual to sign up, employers with hiring needs are being offered 70% off when they sign up for a 1-year Premium Membership to assist with their hiring requirements in 2022.

With the high number of tradespeople shifting into retirement, governments are ramping up spending to help prepare for the inevitable increase in demand for certified tradespeople in the coming years. According to Statistics Canada, more than one million jobs went unfilled as of September, including a record 80,000 vacancies in construction. Amongst early adopters of the SkillsTrader platform, a sense of comradery is evident among professionals, most specifically in the automotive and construction sectors, supporting the idea of a dedicated space for tradespeople to collaborate while navigating through their careers.

SkillsTrader has built a solid bridge to fill trade-specific gaps across employers, employees, students, and educators, much the way LinkedIn has done for the broader business community. However, when a business joins SkillsTrader, they are joining a community built specifically for the trades. Individuals and businesses can increase their brand exposure by creating a custom profile and sharing content with an audience who is equally as passionate about the trades.

To further save employers time and money, each SkillsTrader user is assigned a score based on their work experience, education, and credentials. This score allows employers to quickly identify the most qualified candidates without posting jobs on multiple boards across the internet.


Right now, new businesses can join our growing SkillsTrader network and signup for a 1-Year Premium Membership by Dec 31st, 2021, for only $999 (reg. $3,588), saving thousands on their hiring expenses in 2022.

The package includes:

  • Up to 5 active job posts per month

  • Access to the SkillsTrader talent network

  • Notifications when new skilled tradespeople sign up

  • Advanced analytics to evaluate post performance

SkillsTrader has raised over $2 million in funds since its beginnings in 2019, with growth plans on track to reach $5 million in 2022. Other notable awards and accomplishments:

  • Microsoft for Startups

  • Showcased as TOP10 startup in Edmonton by Startup Edmonton

  • SR&ED Grant awarded

  • IRAPIAP Recipient

About SkillsTrader

SkillsTrader® is a digital platform for professionals in the trades. We help people advance their careers, find employment and identify quality training that increases competitiveness. We address workforce shortages by highlighting career opportunities, recommending training, and connecting tradespeople to peers and resources.


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