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FREE UNLIMITED Job Posts on SkillsTrader's Job Board

Trades-exclusive job board matches jobs and candidates through AI technology, delivers opportunities to keep reaching new pools of alumni and apprenticeship talent through industry-leading affiliates.

Edmonton, April 1, 2022. SkillsTrader®, the original social network dedicated to the trades, launched its Free Job Board today. Since 2015 SkillsTrader® has continued to grow its impact on the trades industry, supporting business owners, hiring managers, and employment recruiters by matching them with qualified candidates to fill skills gaps quickly.

“We pay close attention to what the employers in our SkillsTrader® community need to succeed and to keep pace with the future demands of the marketplace,” said founder Fadi Smaidi. “Now is a time to act when high-demand skills are needed to immediately fill skills gaps across various sectors in our country, and our platform is steadily growing with new tradespeople.”

For this reason, it is NOW FREE to post UNLIMITED jobs to the SkillsTrader® Job Board, immediately saving employers time and money through improving the speed and efficiency of their hiring efforts.


Through our exclusive AI technology, we match candidates with job details and descriptions to provide the most qualified applicants for the position. Anyone can post a job to instantly start attracting the top talent for positions across all skilled trades. Additionally, pictures of actual work and tickets can be seen in the candidate’s SkillsTrader® digital toolbox.


Built by industry leaders and designed to create an efficient and cost-effective way to recruit. It is a number that directly reflects a candidate’s competitiveness and employability based on technical training, education, certification(s) from industry leaders, safety courses, and work experience.


Industry-leading educators’ partner with SkillsTrader® as a resource for their alumni in their apprenticeship and employment search efforts. It is also a place for their alumni to join a welcoming environment of like-minded peers, where they can show pictures and videos of work, and soft skills necessary for workplace success, such as positive attitude and effective communication, problem-solving and project completion/time management abilities.


About SkillsTrader®  SkillsTrader® is a digital platform for professionals in the trades to interact with one another, receive trade-specific mentorship, and leverage various educational and employment opportunities. We help people advance their careers, find employment, and identify quality training that increases competitiveness. We address workforce shortages by highlighting career opportunities, recommending training, and connecting tradespeople to peers and resources. 


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