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  • Fadi Smaidi

Exploring career opportunities in the Skilled Trades.

Learning a skilled trade can open up many career opportunities. From electricians and plumbers to welders and mechanics, the skilled trades offer exciting and rewarding jobs that allow you to make a great living without spending thousands of dollars on college tuition. Let’s take a look at why now is a great time to get into the skilled trades.

Job Security

The skilled trades offer job security. Unlike many other industries, jobs in the skilled trades are difficult to outsource overseas. This means that there are plenty of job opportunities available for those who have trained as electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, welders, mechanics, and other positions within the skilled trades. Most of these jobs require an apprenticeship or certification program rather than a four-year degree—making it easier for people with fewer resources to break into the industry.

High Paying Positions

Jobs in the skilled trades don't just provide job security; they also offer competitive wages. According to 2019 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), electricians had a median salary of $56,180 per year while plumbers earned an average wage of $52,590 annually—both figures well above the national median wage of $39,810 per year. The BLS also reported that welders earned an average wage of $41,380 in 2019 and HVAC technicians earned a median salary of $47,610 per year.

Career Advancement Opportunities

In addition to high salaries, many positions within the skilled trades also offer excellent career advancement opportunities—allowing you to climb up through different levels within your organization or even switch companies if you choose to do so. For instance, starting out as an apprentice electrician can lead to becoming a journeyman electrician or even an electrical inspector or supervisor over time. With each new level comes higher pay and more responsibility, allowing you to grow both professionally and financially with each new position you take on.

The skilled trades offer strong job security with competitive wages and excellent career advancement opportunities for those willing to put in their time learning about these industries. If you're looking for stability and career growth without investing four years into college tuition payments, getting into one of these fields might be exactly what you need! So whether it's plumbing or welding that interests you most—or any other trade for that matter—now is a great time to start exploring your options in this field!

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