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3 Tips for Hiring Skilled Tradespeople in 2022

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Business owners looking to hire skilled tradespeople face a unique challenge in 2022. With widespread worker shortages across the trades that are only expected to get worse, many business owners will need to explore new ways to boost recruiting efforts.

Here’s how your business can enjoy hassle-free hiring in 2022

  • Post your job in front of the right audience

  • Build your business’s online presence

  • Expand your network

Post your job in front of the right audience

Traditional job boards were not built for the trades. Posting your job on a general hiring website might get more views, maybe even more applicants, but how many of those applicants have the qualifications and experience that are most relevant to your business? On average, a job offer attracts 250 resumes, and only four to six of those candidates will be determined to be qualified to move on to an interview.

By posting your job on a trade-specific job board, you can ensure that your job attracts candidates with the qualifications and experience your business needs.

Build your business's online presence

As a busy business owner, social media might be at the bottom of your priority list – but it might be time to reconsider. According to a 2019 study, 79 per cent of job seekers use social media in their job search, and this increases to 86 per cent for younger job seekers. Social media can be a powerful tool for your business to attract both potential job candidates and customers.

Create your FREE business profile and start building an online presence for your business. Add key information about your business and start posting photos and videos to let potential candidates and customers see what your business does best.

Expand your network

Traditional hiring methods like word-of-mouth have maintained a strong presence in the trades. One of the main disadvantages of word-of-mouth recruiting is that it significantly limits your candidate pool to individuals within your professional and personal networks.

By joining our online community of tradespeople, industry leaders, trade schools, and students, you can position your business to reach a wider and more diverse audience of potential candidates.


How your business can save time and money with SkillsTrader®

Our unique SkillsTrader score ensures that you hire the most qualified candidate – quickly. How the score works: each SkillsTrader member is assigned a score based on their experience, training, and education.

Posting your job on SkillsTrader can save your business money, too! Promoting a job on our platform can save your business up to 65 per cent when compared to other leading hiring sites.

What’s included in your Premium Business Subscription?

  • Create and post up to 5 active jobs per month on SkillsTrader®

  • Use the SkillsTrader® talent network to find the perfect candidate

  • Get notified when new skilled tradespeople sign up to SkillsTrader®

  • Review your post performance using our advanced analytics


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